Mohair Curls

These delightful hand dyed mohair curls are sourced from prized Angora goats here in Australia. The curls are approximately 8cm to 12 cm in length. They are incredibly soft and have a beautiful lustre. Due to their handcrafted nature, they can contain a small amount of organic matter and may not be as colour fast as our commercially dyed ranges of wool fibres.

Mohair curls form a great fringe when their ends are wet felted into the edge of a scarf made from our Divine Wool Tops or Felbi Prefelts. They can can also be thinned out and laid on top of your wool fibres for surface design when wet felting or machine embellishing. Needle felters love to use the curls for dolls hair.  

  • Mohair Curls | Smoke 25g

    Mohair Curls | Smoke 25g

  • Mohair Curls | Soot 25g

    Mohair Curls | Soot 25g