Machine Embellisher Needles | 10

  • Machine Embellisher Needles | 10
    Machine Embellisher Needles | 10Machine Embellisher Needles | 10
    • 36Guage
    • 40Gauge

    Ten high quality German embellisher needles.  They are made of hardened steel and have six barbs, two on each face of the triangular shaft. Total length of needle(A) is 37mm, the shank(B) is 18mm and the shaft(C) is 19mm. The diameter of the round shank(D) is 1mm.  Please check this size against your existing needles to ascertain if they'll fit.  Our experience is that they fit most machine embellishers but we cannot guarantee this.  We recommend if replacing needles in your machine then replace the whole set so that all needles in the head set are of the same strength, length and gauge.

    The 36 gauge are a good general purpose needle for fabrics like denim, cotton and organza and strong fibres like our Corrie Wool Top.  The 40 gauge are better for very fine fabrics like voiles and gauzes and very fine fibres like our Divine Wool Top and Felbi Prefelt.  Remember to practice caution if only embellishing our Felbi Prefelts.  Too much embellishing can create holes!