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Silk Laps

Our highly lustred mulberry silk laps are like a blanket of stunning silk fibres that are about 1.5 metres  wide and a couple of metres long. Scroll down the page to purchase.

The laps are typified by their long silk fibres running across the width of the lap.   This makes them  strong and very easy to strertch. The laps  are about one centimetre thick but with the help of a friend can easily be stretched  to  five or more times their original size. 

They are ideal for stretching out over a layer of Felbi Prefelts or our Divine Wooltops felting wool and felting together to create beautiful silk embellished, designer wool felt for garments.

If you want an entire lap that has not been cut, email us and we can let you know  what sizes we have available.  Typically, the weight is around 400 to 800 grams per lap.  The price per gram is 48 cents.  

Our Shimma Silk Laps add a wonderful surface lustre when wet felted into one of our Felbi Prefelts or a base of our Divine Wooltops.  They also add a great degree of structural strength to a hand felted wool textile due to the length of fibres in the laps.
The fibre length makes them ideal for spinners who incorporate the silk lap into their home spun woollen yarns.

The silk laps are a very organic product.  Even though each lap is a solid colour, the colour may vary in nuance over the lap.  Some laps more than others.  They are not perfectly dyed,  sometimes exhibiting small  marks, less dyed areas, or the odd white spot.   We have attempted to make them as colour fast as possible but they may still be some dye discharge when water and soap is applied. 

Having said that, it is usually love at first sight. We have been known here at the studio to stretch one of these laps out to discover how far they will go and realise that over an hour has passed in play and amazement at the three dimensional shapes and sizes of silk web we have created.

We cut them into portions to make them accessible for everyone. You will be surprised by how much silk coverage you obtain from a small lap. Each lap is about 50gm.  It is extremely difficult to calculate the weight before we cut them so please understand that the weights are only approximate and can vary by up to 20%.

To purchase click on the product  photo below.

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