Silk Fibre

Our silk fibres can be used in all sorts of textile pursuits including wet felting, needle felting, spinning, paper making, doll making and machine embellishing.  This range includes silk laps, tops, caps and filament. 

Silk fibres can't felt by themselves due to an absence of scales so wet felters use felting wool as the 'glue' to felt silk fibres into a wool fibre base to produce stunning hand made silky wool felt. Lay your own base of our Divine Wool Tops or use our Felbi Prefelt as a base, lay a fine layer of our silk fibres on the surface and wet felt it all together.

 The silk fibres are as colourfast as possible but there may still be some dye discharge when warm water and soap are applied.   For this reason, we recommend tepid or cold water when felting.