Needle Felting

We offer a range of felting needles, needle punches and foam blocks for the needle felter. 

Our top quality German felting needles  have triangular blades with the exception of our  38 Tristars which have a star shaped shaft.  40 gauge are the finest,  38 gauge fine-medium, 36 gauge medium and 32 gauge thickest in diameter of the needle.    Generally, 40 gauge needles work best with superfine Divine Wool Tops and for all your finishing work on any dry felting projects as they leave the smallest of holes when punched into the wool. 38 tristar needles  and  36 gauge needles are  great all rounder needles. The star shaped shaft of the 38 tristar needle means it has an extra blade therefore more barbs so theoretically it should felt more quickly.  Both these needles work best  with 20 - 30 micron felting wool (like our Corrie Wool Tops range).  32 gauge work best  with very broad fibre wool(greater than 30 micron).

Prevent your needles from rusting by wiping the  needle with a lightly oiled cloth after use to remove residual body salts.

  • Felting Needle

    Felting Needle

  • Felting Needles | 10

    Felting Needles | 10

  • Felting Needles | 12 Mix

    Felting Needles | 12 Mix

  • Felting Needles | 20

    Felting Needles | 20

  • Foam Block

    Foam Block

  • Needle Punch | 1 N

    Needle Punch | 1 N

  • Needle Punch | 7 N

    Needle Punch | 7 N

  • Needle Punch | 8 N

    Needle Punch | 8 N