Corrie Wool Top

Our Corrie Wool Tops range is a 30 micron broad fibre wool from Corriedale sheep. The wool has been scoured and combed into rope-like sliver(or roving). It has not been super-washed so is good for felting as well as spinning.

Due to it's broad fibre and springy nature, the Corrie Wooltops range is ideal for needle felting . If you enjoy sculpting then you'll love this range. The Corrie Wooltops can be needle-felted in a flat or three dimensional form  to create animals, dolls or whatever shape you desire.

Our Corrie Wool Tops also wet-felt well and produce a strong, slightly fibrous felt that is great for hard wearing projects like slippers, rugs, bags or wall works. The broad fibre means it does have a prickle factor so is not as suitable for wearing next to the skin. See our Divine Wool Tops or Felbi Prefelt for wet-felting wool that produces a super soft felt .