Divine Wool Top

Our Divine Wool Tops are crafted from our superbly soft, 18.5 micron Australian Merino wool. Wool top is wool off the sheep's back that has been washed and then combed into a rope like sliver(also referred to as a roving).   It  has lots of scales on it's fibres which means it wet felts very well.

Our Divine Wool Tops are perfect for wet felting into wearables that are skin-friendly. They can also be hand spun into yarn. Once felted or spun, our super-soft Divine Wool Tops are ideal for wrapping around those beloved young children, layering around your neck on a chilly winter's day or sliding around your bare shoulders on a cool summer's eve.

Adding soap, water and agitation to the Divine Wool Tops felting wool is a wonderful non-toxic way to create beautiful hand-made felt .