During our closing down sale, if we find NEW stashes of out of stock colours or products, we'll include them here as well as elsewhere on the website so keep checking back in here!

We now have 100g option to our most of our  tussah and mulberry silk top for $16.25.

Felbi Prefelt Undyed, Verdant and Amethyst back in stock.

We are also listing some of our products in larger quantities. 

Just added 100g and 500g options to our silk caps.

Listed now are also  whole silk laps, added as a variant option under the silk lap category.  Each lap is a different weight. Please contact us if you would prefer more than one or a different weight.

We are  selling 1.5 m wide, 100m long  rolls of our  Felbi prefelt In the following colours:  Amethyst, Verdant, Cumin, Lemongrass, New Laurel and Smudge.  We have found that Lemongrass is an excellent base to over dye.  The price per roll (excluding  shipping) is $1425.00 (inc gst).  Each roll is a cyclinder about 1.6m long and 30cm diameter and weighs  12-15 kilo. 

Also available are a couple of bumps (10 kilo) of our regular, superfine 18.5 micron Australian merino wool top $720 each and a bump of our crossbred merino wool top 25.5 micron $520.  All prices include gst but not shipping.  Contact us if you'd like to purchase.

Recently we discovered over a kilo of our stunning washed, undyed mohair curls.    We have added a 100g option under our mohair curls undyed listing.

Are you a dyer?  We have a substantial amount of  dyes for wool and also for cotton. We want to sell this as one lot.  Get in touch if you're interested.