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Corrie Wool Top | Zing Club 100g

About one metre of each of the following seven colours  from our Corrie Wool Tops Range.   L to R : Black, Zing Green, Zing Blue, Zing Pink, White,  Zing Yellow, Zing Orange.  


Needle felting, wet felting, machine embellishing, arm knitting, spinning, macrame.


30 micron regular, non-superwashed Corriedale Wool Top with a defined crimp.  Approximately 3 metres of wool top per 50 grams.  Staple length about 110 mm. 

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Corrie Wool Top  is  a great all rounder for the art room.  It is ideal for needle felting due to it's broad, springy fibres.  Needle felting is the process  of continually punching wool fibres with a specific barbed felting needle.  These barbs entangle the wool fibres to create either flat felt or three dimensional wool forms.  If you enjoy sculpting then you'll love needle felting the Corrie Wool Top to create pictures, animals, dolls or whatever shape you desire. 

Corrie Wool Top also wet felts very well  to produce a strong, slightly fibrous felt for hard-wearing projects like slippers, rugs, bags and wall works.  It can be nuno-felted (where the wool top is integrated into fabric through the process of wet felting) however the broad fibre means it does have a prickle factor so is not so suitable for wearing close to the skin.  Check out our Divine Wool Top and Felbi Prefelts for skin friendly felting projects.

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