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Six different coloured, mostly hand dyed Felbi Prefelt pieces approximately 35cm by 45cm each.  HD indicates hand dyed. Light Blue HD, Teal Green HD, Purple HD, Musk Pink HD, Mushroom and Skin.  Photos are indicative only as each piece is characterised by  unique marks and one-off colours that tantalise the eye and stimulate creative journeys. No two pieces will ever be exactly the same or repeatable.  Whilst crafted with great care, our hand dyed Felbi may be a tad less colourfast and  slightly lighter(about 65-70gsm) than our commercially dyed Felbi range.  A small sacrifice for such individuality! 


Wet felting, nuno felting, needle felting, machine embellishing.


Delicate 19-20 micron Merino wool prefelt.  Staple length is about 50mm.  Grown and manufactured in Australia, the average gsm (grams per square metre) is 80 grams but this can vary anywhere from 65 up to 95.  Felbi is only about 2 to 4 mm thick and can be torn apart with your hands but cannot be separated into layers.  It needs to be felted to turn it into a stable wool felt.  In industry it is referred to as wool wadding.  Craft-wise this product is also known as needlefelt, needle punch or wool batt.   

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Felbi Prefelt eliminates the need to lay-out your own web of wool fibres which is a significant time saver when wet felting.  It is felted the same way as wool top  and gives a smooth, even finish.  It can be felted in layers depending on the required density of your finished felt article.   Felbi easily integrates other fabrics, fibres and yarns through processes felt makers call nuno felting or laminating.  Its delicate web of wool fibres ensures a lovely drape in the finished felt when using just one or two layers.  

It can also be used for  needle felting and machine embellishing but broader fibres like our Corrie Wool Top and Crossbred Merino are better suited for the purpose. 

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