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Silk Lap | Spinach 50g


Wet felting, spinning, paper making.


About 50 grams.  Blanket of  lustrous mulberry silk fibres up to 1.5 metres long and about 20cm wide.  It is challenging to estimate weight before we to cut these laps into portions so please understand that  the weight is approximate and can vary up to 10 per cent.  

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Spread it out like a web, peel it apart into layers or simply chop it up and add a thin layer to your Felbi Prefelt or Divine Wool Top before wet felting.  they can also be spun with wool used in paper making. 

We cut whole laps into portions(along the grain) to make them affordable for everyone.  If requiring a larger size please contact us.  You will be surprised by how much silk coverage you can  obtain from a 50gm lap. Due to the length of the fibres, the lap is easy to stretch and can be separated into layers. 

When wet felting, less is more when using a portion of a lap as surface embellishment.  Applied too thickly, the wool fibres underneath will not be able to poke through and lock onto the silk fibres during the felting process.  Due to their length, these silk fibres also add a great degree of structural strength to a hand felted wool textile.

These silk laps are a very organic product.  Even though they are a solid colour, they are not perfectly dyed and may display nuance in colour, the odd small mark or white spot.  Having said that, it is usually love at first sight!  We have been known here at the studio to stretch a whole uncut lap out to discover how far they will go and found an hour has passed by in play and wonderment at the three dimensional shapes and sizes of silk web we created. 

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