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Silk Top Tussah | Unbleached


Wet felting, machine embellishing,  paper making, spinning, doll making.


Tussah silk top is a rope-like form of lustrous silk fibres produced from  wild silk worms.   Each individual fibre is around 15 cm long and there are 3 to 4 metres of silk top in 15 grams.  Clay is a dark rich brown. 

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Silk top can be very finely laid out on top of a bed of wool fibres and wet felted to create a lustrous silky wool felt.  The silk top has no scales and the felting wool acts as a glue to lock the silk fibre into the wool fibre when wet felted.

The silk top can also be arranged in layers without any wool and a textile bonding medium applied to create beautiful hand made silk paper.

Tussah silk top  is harvested from wild silk moths and has a slightly more woolly, fibrous character than mulberry silk.  Our experience  is that once wet felted, both types of silk top produce similar amounts of lustre.

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