Product Collections

felbi prefelt collection

Felbi Prefelt

Felbi allsort in pink, mauve, grey blue and white

Felbi Prefelt Combos

divine wool top collection

Divine Wool Top

close up of crossbred merino wool top

Crossbred Merino Wool Top

Corrie Wool top collection

Corrie Wool Top

fifty grams english leicester feece kaleidoscope mixed colour

English Leicester Fleece

Silk Lap

Silk Lap

Silk Cap

Silk Cap

lavender sky nulberry silk top

Silk Top

Silk Filament

Silk Filament

silver angelina fibres

Angelina Fibre

close up of merino silk alpaca wool top

Merino-Silk-Alpaca Top

Tools and Findings

Tools and Findings

Felt Forward book by Catherine O'Leary